nail fanatics artistry design studio

The Artist

Melinda NailFanatic has been creating with acrylic since about 1990.  A lifelong passion for art led her to create her magical mini masterpieces for others by sharing her talents and skills with nails as well as her years of experience and creative ability to make your nail dreams come true.  Melinda is an all around artist, a true renaissance woman.  Her intuitive skills in coaching and channeling, her creative talents for designing and manifesting are defnitely a part of every thing she touches, including your nails.

The Environment

Nail Fanatics Artistry Design Studio is a private location art studio.  Services are provided one and one and since we only provide our art by appointment, there is a comfortable private environment available for you to relax, unwind and enjoy our pampering.  Usually it is only you and the artist during your time.

The Experience

Since you've grown tired of cheap nails and the problems that come with them, then rest in good hands knowing that Melinda NailFanatic always had one goal in mind of delivering to each and every client a service that would ruin them for every other nail tech, for the rest of their life.  Melinda started the business by making sure that she is attentive in her delivery of your requests meanwhile engaging in meaningful and uplifting conversation. Her creativity assures that even if you have no idea what you want you always walk out with a set of nails that is sure to impress and long lasting in quality.Most clients only return once a month for general maintenance and a new color or design and knowing that they can carry on with life, family and business in between visits enjoying the beautiful nails on their fingertips while the run their world.