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Tarot Consultations, Custom Words of Clarity Oracle Deck, Empowerment Coaching, Free Daily Tarot card reading, Las Vegas

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Pure Romance * NFpureR.com

Intimacy Enhancement Products, Intimacy Consultations and Business Opportunity to empower, educate and entertain women everywhere.  Add some spice to your sex life and some boom to your bedroom. Las Vegas

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Nail Artistry - Volume 1: Everyday Nail Art

A collection of the hottest nail fashions trending.

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Love Speaks

Love Speaks: A Pocketful of Poems from Spirit, Meditations and a Journal Sprinkled with Timeless Words of Wisdom to Write Your Own Inspired Words. Book written and Channeled by Melinda Maysonet.  Illustrations by Melinda NailFanatic.

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Empowerment Speaking

Melinda NailFanatic uses all of her arts to reach all of your hearts..with her words and experiences that she shares openly and candidly catalyzing change in the lives of many who stop and listen long enough.  See her empowerment speaking playlist on youTube entitled Taking the Mic at: youTube.com/nailfanatics

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Artwork By Commission

Melinda has done various paintings, drawings, designs and logos for personal and business use.  To see examples of some of Melinda's art go to facebook.com/MelindaNailFanatic and see the photo album: Paintings on Canvas and Drawings on

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